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Shilow's "Red Rhum" is a Confident Step Up to the Mic

Shilow takes a big step forward into the Kansas City rap scene with the release of his single, “Red Rhum,” featuring New York’s Aja. Together, the two produced a dark but confident track that digs deeper into their stories than what appears on the surface. 

“They’re very devil may care and proud of who they are,” Shilow says about collaborating with Aja. “And I can 100% identify with that.”

“Red Rhum” comes in advance of more anticipated releases from Shilow this year. As an artists that proudly identifies as bisexual, Shilow hopes to to broaden the conversation in KC hip-hop to be more inclusive of LGBTQIA+ rappers and producers.

“I don’t stray away from being proud in my music or my message,” Shilow says. Keep an eye out for more from Shilow as he continues to bring his perspective to his audience through fearless hip-hop tracks.

Listen to "Red Rhum" now on Spotify!