AJA and Shilow Release Collaborative EP Nail In The Coffin


When AJA released ‘Demons, Witches & Bitches,’ with Shilow and The Vixen last year, they hit their audience hard with a combination of slick horror-movie references, deep digs, and a hook that would stick in your head for days. Now, Aja and Shilow return with an EP that, much to our delight, takes those core elements that made ‘Demons, Witches, & Bitches’ one of our favorite releases of 2018 and expands them across seven tracks.

Nail In The Coffin, released today and just in time for Halloween season, carries an energy that can only be described as spooky and hype at the same time. The EP opens with “The Purge,” aptly referencing the thriller film series of the same name, a track punctuated by emergency notification tones and wailing sirens. From the first track on, Nail In The Coffin is overflowing with energy and empowerment. 

The EP is truly the product of trusting and nurturing creative collaboration. Together, Shilow and AJA have written and released several tracks, produced music videos (including Nail’s “Mama Chola,” featuring Amira Wang), and played shows all across the world. Though both uniquely individual, the pair have become seemingly inseparable in their work, driving each other forward and pushing their creative boundaries. 

Nail In The Coffin is available to stream now.