Machine Age | Terra Naomi | 2018


"I woke up in a new America."

One year after 45's inauguration, Terra Naomi's Machine Age reflects on the dissonance and discomfort of Trump's America.

Terra Naomi is reclaiming her place and her voice in Machine Age, an ornery epithet to post-modern America. Naomi opens her doors and invites us in to bear witness to the unwavering frustration she's felt since waking up on Inauguration Day in 2017. It's no coincidence that the release of this track is timed with the one-year mark since the wake up call that confronted many of us. In self-reflection, Naomi acknowledges the ease with which she was willfully blind to social tensions that have pestered and prodded at our less than perfect union since it's conception. But in Machine Age, she faces her own shortcomings and begs us to do the same.

Angered and outraged by the brutish disenfranchisement and transphobia she was witnessing in her country and in her home, Naomi  penned the melodic diatribe in under hour. The track's instrumentation, like Naomi's anger and animosity toward this evolving dystopia, grows in its intensity as she questions the dichotomy between privilege and progress. Machine Age is equally as meditative as it is reflective, as it resolves with this phrase repeated: I believe in love more than I want to hate. 

Machine Age is the first release ahead of Terra Naomi's forthcoming album, due this summer.