Lava Dreams Releases Debut Album Meditation


Meditation, the debut album from KC-native Lava Dreams, lives up to its name as a dreamy and inventive soundscape that takes the listener out of reality and into another state of being. This is the kind of experience you’ll come to expect as you dive deeper into Lava Dreams’ work. In a blend of guitar melodies, punctuating percussion, and natural sound, Mediation defies genres and expectations as a debut release. 

Lava Dreams writes lyrics that are humbling and personal, relatable and honest. As an artist who performs in solitude, Lava Dreams embraces vulnerability in her music. Watching Lava Dreams perform is an equally meditative experience to consuming the tracks as recordings, as you wonder how one person could possibly create so much in a space where previously there was nothing. 

A major creative endeavor, Lava Dreams wrote and recorded all elements the album herself with the support of producer Zack Hames. Having come up in the local music scene in Kansas City, Lava Dreams found place as a solo artist in 2018. Since then, she’s embraced her identity as a DIY musician, honing both her technical skills and her voice to produce this standout album. 

You can find Lava Dreams on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Meditation is now streaming on all major platforms.