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Feature: Nat Harvie's Broken Record

Nat shared a few of their thoughts about developing a deeper understanding of their identity through the act of creation, what queerness means within that creation, and how a piece of art can reflect who it's creator is at a specific moment in time.

 Harrison Lipton in Austin, TX.

Harrison Lipton in Austin, TX.

Harrison Lipton | Loveliness | Album Review

Harrison Lipton’s first full-length album, “Loveliness,” is the culmination of a lifetime of listening and learning. From performing gospel music during his Jewish childhood to producing on iMacs in a small room in his high school, Lipton’s life has been permeated by melodies and harmonies.

Feature: Q&A with Carlos Vara

With soulful vocals and cutting lyrics, Carlos Vara's music tells the story of who he is now, and who he's been before.